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As an educational media company, we believe in creating and distributing educational material as an art form. We strive to make sense of the natural world in all its complexity and imperfection while exploring issues that are both global and local in scope. We are guided by the notion that information can be creatively disseminated in a way that both educates and effectively engages the viewer.

Our experience as filmmakers and storytellers is exemplified by a body of work that has been cultivated over 14 years in the visual arts. In that time, we’ve managed to assemble a team of incredibly talented subject matter experts, consultants, and visual artists from several different disciplines that we work with on a project-to-project basis. Working as a team allows us to achieve our project objectives in an energetic environment that nurtures creativity and critical thinking. Furthermore, we help our clients achieve their creative vision by incorporating both fundamental and innovative tools and techniques that exist within the dynamic world of visual media.

Welcome to Lost City.

Jeremy Leach
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After graduating from Villanova University in 1996 with a degree in Political Science, Jeremy became a staff cinematographer for an award winning corporate video production company in Boston. After spending four years under the tutelage of Robert Magro, an esteemed Boston-based director of photography, Jeremy traveled for six months through the Balkans, Turkey, and Southeast Asia, documenting his journey in photographs. Upon his return to Boston in August 2001, he organized an opening to display his work with the help of a friend and local business owner.

In the fall of 2001, Jeremy was offered a position as a director of photography at a critically acclaimed documentary production company in Boston. Over five years, Jeremy worked in leadership roles on multiple projects for clients including PBS, The History Channel, and the National Park Service, shooting and directing films both domestically and internationally, including extensive productions in Estonia, Turkey, Armenia, and China. These projects were demanding both physically and technically, involving elaborate set-ups and requiring expertise in multiple formats, ranging from Mini-DV to HD to Super 16mm. Many of these productions were challenging logistically and creatively, requiring management of multiple actors and large crews consisting of fight coordinators, special effects technicians, black powder specialists, and animal trainers. Concurrently, Jeremy worked as a cinematographer on several award winning, independent documentaries including “The Dhamma Brothers: East Meets West in the Deep South” and “Killer Poet”.

In late 2006, Jeremy moved to Brooklyn to work independently, freelancing as a cinematographer, director of photography, and editor for various networks, agencies, and production companies, many of which produced travel shows and independent documentaries. Shortly thereafter, in 2007, he fulfilled a lifelong dream of owning a production company and started Lost City Pictures. In 2011, as Lost City Pictures transformed from a nuts and bolts production company into an educational media company, it was rebranded and renamed Lost City Creative.

Throughout his career, Jeremy has had the great fortune to work with incredibly talented artists and filmmakers. He has learned the nuanced disciplines of lighting, shooting, directing, sound design, and editing by observing friends, mentors, and colleagues commit to their craft and, in turn, open the doors of creative possibility. With the undying support of his family, friends, and fellow filmmakers, he looks forward to a career of creative collaboration, education, service to the community, and personal growth as an artist.


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Aoife Nugent

Aoife Nugent has been working for the past 7 years as a producer, project coordinator, editor, and researcher for educational and independent fictional films. After receiving a degree in Journalism from UMASS Amherst in 2001, she began her career traveling, teaching English, and eventually working as a researcher at Trinity University in Dublin. Upon returning to the United States, Aoife worked as an editorial assistant for a small publisher of educational books. Soon thereafter, she produced her first film – a documentary on Jamaican migrant farm workers titled “On the Other Side”. This film is currently distributed through Documentary Educational Resources.

Two years later, Aoife met Jeremy when she joined an award-winning documentary production company in Boston. There she worked as an associate producer on films for  The History Channel, PBS, and the Smithsonian Museum. It was during this time that she honed her skills as a field producer, traveling and working for extended periods of time both domestically and internationally, hiring crews, researching relevant subject matter, and directing interviews.

Looking for a new challenge, she moved to Brooklyn in 2007 where she began working as the coordinating producer for the documentary, “Nursery University”. Since then, she has directed her own projects and worked as a producer, production coordinator, and editor on outside projects. She graduated from Pratt Institute with honors from the Arts and Cultural Management Masters Program Spring of 2011. Recently, Aoife has begun working with the Wilderness on a documentary film exploring Sound & Vision.


January 30, 2013


This January we began working in collaboration with The Wilderness on a documentary film exploring Sound & Vision. The Wilderness produced a beautiful video for the company Sound Cloud (you can see it here: thewildernessinc.com) and were so taken with the subject that they decided it was worthy of a larger conversation.

Today we interviewed the lovely and fascinating artist Christine Sun Kim (you can see her work here: christinesunkim.com/), who helped us begin this exploration into the world of science, art, and emotion as influenced by sound and vision.


January 18, 2013



Over the New Year Jeremy and I traveled to Istanbul to visit friends, explore the city, and capture some audio and video. Over our stay we were captivated by the call to prayer (azan) which echoes throughout the city five times a day.

There are over 3,000 mosques in Istanbul and the call to prayer creates haunting reverberations over the cobblestone streets.


September 1, 2012




Last Spring Jeremy and I had the honor of working on the new Ulysses iPod application with my uncle, Professor Joe Nugent. Jeremy and I spent a few wonderful weeks working with the inimitable author and former BBC correspondent, Frank Delany, recording the sound for this beautiful application. Treat yourself to a trip to Dublin for Bloomsday and explore the city with this application that will have you truly understanding Ulysses! Promise.

From the press release:

Launched by SENATOR DAVID NORRIS, the JoyceWays iPhone app was released on Thursday, 14 June at the James Joyce Centre, North Gt George’s St, Dublin 1

JoyceWays carries you back to the Dublin of 1904, taking you to over 100 locations. At each POI you’ll hear excerpts from Ulysses read by America’s great popularizer of Joyce, Frank Delaney (NPR called him “the most eloquent man in the world”). At each spot, you’ll be treated to expert criticism, quirky facts, and contemporary photos, advertisements, cartoons, and posters.


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Photos from our travels to Cambodia, Thailand, Turkey, Croatia, and Bosnia-Herzegovina.


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